Trenchless Service Lateral Repair Permit

Trenchless Service Lateral (Side Sewer) Repair and Construction: Right-of-Way Permit Requirements

Trenchless sewer service lateral repair and construction methods are generally approved in the City of Vancouver’s sewer service area. This page provides permit application submittal, construction and inspection requirements for trenchless repairs and construction.

Service Laterals (side sewers) are defined as the sewer service lateral connection to the public sewer main and the piping within the right-of-way or public sewer easement. Property owners are responsible for service lateral maintenance (VMC 14.04.100.G.2).

Trenchless Lateral Repair is defined as the repair of an existing service lateral by a trenchless rehabilitation method, including, but not limited to, pipe relining or pipe bursting. This method does not include open-cut replacement or new installation of a service lateral.

Trenchless Lateral Construction is defined as the construction of a new service lateral by a trenchless construction method, such as directional drilling. This method does not include open-cut construction of a new service lateral.

Applicability: Requirements below apply to trenchless service lateral repair and construction within the public right-of-way and/or public sanitary sewer easements. These requirements apply within the City of Vancouver Sewer service area, inside and outside of City limits.

These requirements do not apply to laterals within the City limits served by Clark Regional Wastewater District. These requirements also do not apply to on-site building sewers; Building Department plumbing codes apply to on-site building sewers.

Sewer Standards: Service laterals are discussed in Section 3-4 of the City of Vancouver’s General Requirements and Details for the Design and Construction or Public Sanitary Sewers.Trenchless lateral repairs are discussed in Section 3-4.03 of the General Requirements.


Click on the document below to review the City of Vancouver’s Right-of-Way Permit Application Requirements for Trenchless Service Lateral Repair and Construction.