1989 police group image

At right, the Vancouver Police Department at City Hall on 13th Street, 1989.

In 1990, the population of Vancouver was 46,380.

officer with bike

In 1992 the first bike patrol began, in partnership with C-TRAN and based at 7th and Main Streets, with Joe Graaf and Tim Kim as officers. They were joined by Duane Boynton, Steve Lobdell, and Mark Hochhalter in 1993.

Pictured, Bike Officer Mark Hochhalter in 1997.

By 1999 the bike patrol consisted of 8 full-time officers, working year-round, regardless of weather.

Police officers on horses

In 1993 the Vancouver Police Department Mounted patrol reached its peak size, with 6-8 horses. The mounted patrol trained for park patrol, parades, riot response, and crowd control.

On the right, the Vancouver Police Department Mounted Patrol, 1999. Taken on the first day of patrol at Esther Short Park. Left to Right: Keith Hyde, Chris Sutter, Ron Jones, David King.

The City of Vancouver completed the largest annexation in Washington State history with the annexation of east Vancouver on January 1, 1997. The population of the city nearly doubled, going from 67,450 people to 127,900, and established Vancouver as the fourth largest city in Washington.

Group police

With the 1997 annexation came a directive to implement community-oriented policing as a way to better serve the department’s increasing population and geographic service area. Prior to the annexation the Vancouver Police operated out of one central location. With the doubling of population to be served and the increased service area the Vancouver Police Department established precincts. By 1999, the department was operating out of three locations: the original location at 300 E. 13th Street, a Central Precinct at 2800 Stapleton Road, and a temporary East Precinct location at 1201 Tech Center Drive.

Above, a Vancouver Police Department group photograph in front of the 300 E 13th Street location, 1999. From left: Officer Troy Price, Officer John Parr, Sergeant Amy Foster, Officer Aaron Gibson, Officer Brian Lesher, and Officer Ed Letarte.

Vancouver police building

Pictured, Officers Shane Yates, Troy Price, Micheal Chylack, and Ron Stevens in front of the 300 E 13th Street location, May 1999. Troy Price is currently Assistant Chief of the Vancouver Police Department.

Vancouver Police Central Precinct

Pictured, the Vancouver Police Department Traffic Team at Central Precinct (later know as West Precinct), 2800 NE Stapleton Road, 1999. From left: Officer Tom Sawyer, Sergeant Keith Hyde, Officer Shane Yates, Officer Therese Kubala, Sergeant Amy Foster, Officer David Tapio, Officer John Davis, and Officer Ron Rose.

Police East Precinct

On the right, a Vancouver Police Department patrol car at East Precinct, 1201 Tech Center Drive, 1999

female officer

Above, Deputy Chief Janet Thiessen in 1999.

In 1981 Janet Thiessen was hired as the second female police officer in the department. In 1987 she became the first women to be promoted to Sergeant in Vancouver Police Department history. She became the first female Lieutenant in 1997, and in 1999 Deputy Chief of Police. This rank is now known as Assistant Chief, and still (as of 2019) represents the highest rank ever attained by a woman in Vancouver Police Department history. Nannette Kistler, the only other woman to attain this rank, served as Assistant Chief from 2009 to 2012.

police car in front of victorian home

At right, a Vancouver Police Department patrol car in front of the Marshall House, 1999.

officer on motorcycle

Above, Officer Shane Yates on a motorcycle, 1999.

gray police badge

At right, the Vancouver Police Department shoulder patch used from around 1999 to around 2014.

gold police officer badge

Above, the current Vancouver Police Department badge, in use since 1999.