Concealed Pistol Licenses

The Vancouver Police Department Records Division accepts applications for Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPL) Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at our West Precinct (2800 NE Stapleton Rd). Applicants must reside within the city limits of Vancouver or be out of state residents. Find out if your address is within the city limits.


  • Completed Concealed Pistol License Application
  • $49.25 CPL fee payable by cash, check, money order or credit card
  • State or Federal issued Identification (Driver’s License, Military ID or Passport)
  • Fingerprints which will be taken at the time of application
  • National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to be completed by issuing agency prior to issuance of license.

Renewal of Concealed Pistol License

A Concealed Pistol License will expire five years from the date of issuance. The fee for a CPL renewal is $32.00 and the CPL can be renewed 90-days prior to its expiration date. If the CPL is renewed within 90 days after its expiration date, an additional $10.00 late fee will be applied. If a CPL is 90 days past the expiration date, an applicant must file a new Concealed Pistol License Application, as if it were an original CPL.

Members of the armed forces who qualify under RCW 9.41.070(15)(a) to renew Concealed Pistol Licenses through mail can submit their application and all the required documentation with a payment via mail to our contact address.

Renewal of Concealed Pistol Licenses are accepted in person at our West Precinct (2800 NE Stapleton Rd.) or via regular mail only. City of Vancouver jurisdiction residents or those who live outside of the state of Washington should follow these steps for a renewal by mail:

Please submit the complete application with a copy of your current Concealed Pistol License and a copy of both sides of your current driver license, along with a check or cashier’s check payable to the “City of Vancouver” for the renewal fee amount of $32.00. If your renewal is past the renewal date a late fee of $10 applies, that amount should be included in the payment.

Incomplete applications will not be mailed back; however, you will be notified to resubmit the completed application. Payment will be held until the date given to resubmit. If the completed application is not received by the due date, the application will be considered withdrawn and any submitted payment will be returned.

Mail renewal request to:

Vancouver Police Department
Attn: Records
PO Box 1995
Vancouver, WA 98668

Contact Records

Vancouver Police Department
ATTN: Records
2800 NE Stapleton Rd.
Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone: 360-487-7398


A lost or damaged CPL can be replaced for a fee of $10.00. For further information, visit the Washington State Department of Licensing Concealed Pistol License Page.