Neighborhood Parking and Traffic

For downtown and uptown parking complaints (Esther Short Park neighborhood, Arnada neighborhood, Hough neighborhood, or any municipal parking garage), please contact City of Vancouver Parking at 360-487-8650 or at

Parking Rules

  • Prolonged Parking – Limits vehicle parking in the right-of-way to no more than 24 hours. City staff can cite and potentially tow a vehicle, including abandoned/stored cars with expired tabs. Fine $35 VMC 19.12.100 19.12.110
  • Driveway access – Park at least five feet from the end of the curb cut radius. Do not block driveway or block access to and from a driveway. Fine $40. RCW 46.61.570(1)(b)(i).
  • Crosswalks – Park at least 20 feet. from a crosswalk, marked or unmarked. Fine $40. RCW 46.41.570(1)(b)(iii).
  • No Parking signs – Do not park in an area with a No Parking sign. These areas are zoned for your safety and for the safety of pedestrians and other drivers. Fine $40. RCW 46.61.570(1)(c)(ii).
  • Stop signs – Do not park within 30 ft. of a stop sign. Fine $40. RCW 46.61.570(1)(b).
  • Parallel parking – Do not park facing traffic, park with the flow of traffic. Fine $35. RCW 46.61.575(1)(2).
  • Obstructing traffic – Parking in a bicycle lane, an alley or in any lane of traffic. Fine $40. VMC 19.12.090.
  • Sidewalk or planting strip – Do not block or park on a sidewalk or planting strip. Fine $40. RCW 46.61.570(1)(a)(ii).
  • Fire hydrant – Do not park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. Fine $40. RCW 46.61.570(1)(b)(ii).
  • For sale – Do not park a vehicle with a for sale sign on the street. Fine $35 WAC 308.330.436 (1)(b).
  • Repairing a vehicle on the street unless it is an emergency. Fine $35. WAC 308.330.436 (2).
  • Intersections – Do not park within an intersection. Fine $40. RCW 46.61.570(1)(a)(iii).
  • Reserving parking spaces – A public street in front of one’s home is for public use and is not intended as a personal parking space. RCW 46.61.570

Unauthorized Vehicles

Vehicles aren’t permitted to park on a highway longer than 24 hours. Vehicles parked longer than 24 hours may be issued a parking citation. Fine $35.

All vehicles including semi-tractor trailers in the public right-of-way must be driven regularly and must be in an operable condition with current tags or the vehicle may be subject to tow. RCW 46.55.085

Trailer and Truck Parking

Trailer coaches, semi-trailers, boat trailers, utility trailers and motor homes cannot park on residential streets in areas zoned residential and are subject to a parking ticket or may be towed. VMC 19.12.080

Trucks with a gross weight capacity more than 9,000 pounds cannot park on residential streets in areas zoned residential.

Recreational Vehicle Parking

  • Recreational vehicles may only be parked on a city street or in a residential area for a reasonable amount of time while loading and unloading only.
  • Permits are free and available from Code Compliance by downloading this Recreational Vehicle Parking application and returning the completed form to:

    City of Vancouver
    P.O. Box 1995
    Vancouver, WA 98668


Recreational camping in any vehicle parked on the street is not allowed except by permit. (VMC 8.22).

To report a person/persons living in a vehicle on a city street, email the City’s Homeless Assistance and Resources Team at or leave a voicemail at 360-487-8626. If issues arise other than someone living in their vehicle (blocking traffic or a driveway, criminal activity besides “camping,” etc.), call 911.

Reporting Violations

Submit a complaint for any possible violations you see using the electronic complaint form or call the non-emergency number 3-1-1. If you are calling from out of the area, you can call the non-emergency 311 dispatch at 360-693-3111. When submitting a complaint electronically, please limit the complaint to one vehicle per form.

Leave a brief yet concise description of the parking issue including:

  • The exact location of the parking issue.
  • The usual time of day you notice the parking problem.
  • A description of the vehicle, including the license plate information.

This information is necessary for a complaint to be investigated.

To verify that you are in the City limits, visit our Do You Live in Vancouver? page.

For emergencies call 911.