Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program encourages residents to apply for traffic calming measures on local roads

January 3, 2024

Vancouver community members are invited to submit traffic concerns and champion project locations for possible selection through the 2024 Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program to help slow traffic and increase street safety in local neighborhoods. The program will award approximately $300,000 for traffic calming projects this year.  

Community members interested in pursuing a traffic calming project for their neighborhood street must submit an official request using the program’s online application form. Traffic calming applications will be accepted Jan. 3 to Feb. 29. After the open application period, project proponents will work through the program’s evaluation process with final project selection occurring in late October.

The program encourages residents to champion project locations through the competitive selection process for funding and implementation. Past projects have included signing and surface striping, speed cushions/tables, radar feedback signs and street trees.

Vancouver’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program works in close partnership with the independent, community-led Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance (NTSA). The program offers various resources and project opportunities for community members seeking to slow local traffic, while creating a more livable community. Each year, neighborhood residents are invited to get involved in the program by shepherding projects through the competitive process, working closely with City staff and the NTSA as they proceed.

This program supports the City’s Strategic Plan and core values for livability, community relationships, distinct neighborhoods and transportation and mobility. Project locations are evaluated and ranked based on a set of objective criteria including speed, volume, sidewalks, mobility lanes, vicinity to school, transit/school bus stops, equity index and collision history.

More details about Vancouver’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program, guidelines, details and requirements can be found at


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