Fall Leaf Disposal Coupon

Fall leaves on the ground

Free Disposal

Wondering what to do with your autumn leaves each year? Help manage leaves with free coupons.

To help residents take care of fallen leaves, City of Vancouver Solid Waste Services offers fall leaf coupons for free disposal at designated drop-off sites. Vancouver and Clark County residents can redeem the free leaf disposal coupons from October 1 through December 31. This coupon is for leaves only.

Proper removal and disposal of leaves from our yards and street gutters help prevent pools of standing water and localized street flooding. Residents and businesses should not rake or blow leaves into the street where they can block storm drain catch basins.

October 1 through December 31: Get your coupon before heading out with a load of leaves. Drop-off sites don’t typically have extra coupons.

Coupon pick-up locations

If you can’t print out a coupon, consider picking one up at:

  • Vancouver City Hall, 415 W. Sixth Street
  • Vancouver Utility Services, 2323 General Anderson Avenue
  • Vancouver Marine Park Engineering office, 4500 S.E. Columbia Way
  • Water Resources Education Center, 4600 S.E. Columbia Way
  • Waste Connections Customer Service office, 12115 NE 99th St. #1830

Check your annual Recycling Done Right newsletter, too, delivered to all Clark County households each fall.

Drop off leaves and use your coupon at convenient locations

During 2024, designated free leaves disposal sites are: 

Call ahead to verify operating hours. Loads must be covered and secured.

Explore disposal alternatives and composting options

In Vancouver, property owners are responsible for managing the leaves from their trees. Deliberately raking or blowing leaves into the street and leaving them there is unlawful. Street sweepers are generally no match for big, wet, heavy piles of leaves, which can cause localized flooding. The free leaf disposal program is intended to provide options for residents with a lot of trees, while furthering Vancouver’s climate goals by managing current environmental impacts and supporting Washington laws to divert organic material from landfills.

There are many alternatives for disposing of leaves and other yard debris. Check out free composting workshops or programs through Waste Connections’ optional organics services for Vancouver residents. Learn proper pruning techniques for your trees and other vegetation.

  • Backyard Composting: Join Clark County’s Composter Recycler Program workshops.
  • Curbside Organics: Subscribe to Organics service to have leaves, yard debris and food scraps collected at the curb.
  • Leave the Leaves: Consider leaving your leaves to create a natural mulch to suppress weeds and support various pollinators with winter cover. The leaves serve as a habitat for wildlife including birds, frogs, and insects that overwinter in the fallen leaves. These living creatures help keep pests down and increase pollination in your garden.
  • Organics 101 Classes: Attend a free RecycleU educational series.
  • Self-haul Yard & Garden Waste: Take leaves to several local drop-off sites.