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Spring coupons offer free yard debris and tire disposal for Vancouver residents

March 29, 2024

Vancouver’s annual spring coupons will arrive in more than 45,000 customer mailboxes soon. This popular program helps Vancouver community members with free disposal of yard debris and tires at designated drop-off sites. Coupons are valid for three months, from April 1 through June 30. 

Coupons are sent to all single-family residential garbage customers within the City of Vancouver with an active Waste Connections account. Customers receiving paper bills from Waste Connections will find coupons in their April bill. Customers signed up for electronic bills will receive a postcard coupon in the mail from the City of Vancouver. Copies and digital coupons are not allowed under this program. 

The annual coupon program is provided by City of Vancouver solid waste services, a division of the Public Works Department, to help community members with added vegetation that commonly results from spring pruning, mowing and weeding. The coupons also provide an opportunity to clean up and remove old, unwanted tires, which can create a nuisance if not disposed of properly. 

This program helps further Vancouver’s climate goals by managing current environmental impacts and supports Washington laws to divert organic material from landfills. Explore alternatives to disposal of yard debris at free composting workshops or through Waste Connections’ optional organics services for Vancouver residents. Learn proper pruning techniques for your trees and vegetation.

More information about the spring coupon program, including drop-off locations and hours, is available at

Media contacts:

Liz Erickson, Solid Waste and Recycling Analyst, Department of Public Works, City of Vancouver, 360-487-7163,

Nicole Walters, Strategic Communications Manager, Communication Department, City of Vancouver, 360-852-1484,