Vancouver’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program awards funding to several local communities

October 26, 2023

As part of the 2023 Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program, the City of Vancouver is pleased to announce that two neighborhood traffic calming projects will be funded to help address traffic concerns and speeding within several residential communities. This competitive program allows residents to advocate for traffic calming along neighborhood streets in Vancouver.

Eight neighborhood project proposals were advanced as part of the program for 2023, and two of those projects were awarded funding as part of the City of Vancouver’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program. Developed with the support of the community-led Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance, the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program helps residents improve neighborhood livability and calm traffic by championing project proposals.

Projects awarded funding as part of the 2023 program

  • NE 72nd Avenue, from NE 63rd Street to NE 78th Street
    Location: Green Meadows Neighborhood
  • NE 39th Street, from NE 137th Avenue to NE 162nd Avenue
    Location: Parkside, Parkway East and Burnt Bridge Creek Neighborhoods

Traffic calming elements will be determined and designed during the winter and spring, with project implementation anticipated for late summer or fall of 2024. Funding for the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is available through a combination of Real Estate Excise Tax (REET), Transportation Benefit District fees and multiple other revenue sources, providing an approximate budget of $300,000 for this year’s program. Project costs are coordinated through several different strategies and partnerships within City departments to maximize cost efficiencies.

Neighborhood traffic calming projects for 2024

The City of Vancouver and Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance invite community members to propose project locations and support projects through a competitive selection process for funding and implementation. City staff continue to explore program requirements, guidelines and funding efficiencies as we look at options to best support this neighborhood program and continue its success into the future.

More program details can be found on the City’s website: Look for updates on the 2024 program to be posted toward the first of the year. 


Nicole Walters, Strategic Communications Manager, Department of Public Works, City of Vancouver, nicole.walters@cityofvancouver.us360-852-1484

Emily Benoit, Senior Planner, Community Development Department, City of Vancouver,, 360-487-7944