Pre-Application Conferences

Pre-application conferences are held virtually

Pre-application reports will be available on the City’s ePlans system the day the pre-application is or would be scheduled to be held.

Applicants, neighborhood associations and interested parties are encouraged to contact the case manager listed on the e-mailed notice for the pre-application conference or listed on the pre-application agenda if more if information is needed or if you’d like to leave a comment or have questions on a proposed project. Please call the Planner Line at 360-487-7803 or with questions.

Project application review

Prior to submitting a development application for a Type II, III or IV land use approval (e.g., site plan reviews, subdivisions, shoreline permits, variances, etc.) applicants are required, unless waived by the planning official, to have a pre-application conference with the appropriate City staff who will be reviewing the project application. Staff from planning review, building and fire plan review, water and sewer engineering, stormwater engineering, transportation engineering, and the parks department will review the application material submitted. Pre-application conferences can be done for Type I procedures as well but are voluntary.


The pre-application conference is intended to acquaint City and other agency staff with a sufficient level of detail about the proposed development to enable staff to advise the applicant of applicable review procedures, standards and fees. At the conference, City staff discusses a set of detailed written comments with the applicant in regard to applicable standards and any potential issues that have been identified.


When the project is located within the boundaries of a City-recognized neighborhood association, the chair of the association is invited to attend the meeting in order to collect information about the development and share it with the neighborhood and to identify areas of potential concern early in the review process.


Pre-application conferences can be done for Type I procedures as well but are voluntary.