Taxicab Company Requirements

In accordance with VMC 5.76, each taxicab company (and each driver that works for the company) that operates (picks up fares) in the city must comply with the requirements set forth in the code and the VMC 5.76 Administrative Rules adopted to implement the code. See below for a summary of these requirements.

Taxicab Company Special License Requirement (not applicable to drivers)

VMC 5.76 includes a requirement that each company engaged in a taxicab business (picking up fares) in the city hold a city Taxicab Company Special License. To apply for the special license, an applicant must use the Taxicab Company Special License Application and Attestation Form and attest under penalty of perjury that it complies with the standards for vehicle safety, driver background and training, insurance coverage, and operations set forth in the VMC 5.76 Administrative Rules. It also requires the company pay the city an annual special license application fee of $200.00.  A copy of the application/attestation form is available upon request via email at or by phone at 360-487-8410 option 3.

The city accepts the subject special license applications and fees via US mail or drop off at City Hall. City Hall Customer Service Desk hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Wednesdays, and 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. other weekdays.

Taxicab Drivers

Prior to operating a taxicab (picking up fares) in the city for a company that holds a City of Vancouver Taxicab Co Special License, each driver shall comply with:


For questions about taxicab operations in the city, contact the Business Licensing section at or by phone, 360-487-8410, option 4.