Applicant upload task

An Email Invitation to Upload is sent from ePlans 

Once you have submitted your application and paid any applicable review fees, we will send you an email with an invitation to upload your plans and documents. It contains a task called the ‘Applicant Upload Task’. Once you have uploaded your plans and documents you will complete this task. Completing the task sends your submittal to the City of Vancouver to be reviewed.

Step 1: ​Click on the ‘Application Access’ link in the email from ePlans.

Step 2: ​This takes you to the ePlans Login screen. Enter your email address and password and click ‘Sign in’.


ePlans Tip:

Is this your first time using ePlans? Please see New User Getting Started for more information. This takes you through how to create an account and password.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Accept’ button next to the ‘Applicant Upload Task’ in the Tasks tab. 

This opens the task as seen in the image below. 

What do you need to upload?

Use the checklists links to select your type of application and see what plans and documents are required for review. This is what constitutes a complete application so we can start the review process. If your submittal does not meet these minimum requirements, it will be returned to you to correct. We also have links to helpful step-by-step instructions, file naming standards and ePlans tutorial videos.

After reviewing what’s required in the checklist link you can upload files or you can wait to upload. If you have everything that is required please see the Uploading Files section below. If you do not have everything that is required, please scroll down to Signing Off your Task section.

Uploading Files

Be sure and follow the File Naming Standards and Plan File Requirements when uploading files or they will be returned to you to correct.

Select Plans or Documents: Click on the appropriate button to Upload Plans or to Upload Documents.

Browse for Files: Click on the ‘Browse For Files’ button to select the files you want to upload.

Select the Files: Select the files to upload from your computer. Multiple files can be selected by using your Shift or Ctrl keys. Click the ‘Open’ button shown in the image below to select those files to upload.

Reviewing/Deleting Files: The window now shows you the files you selected. You can click on the X to the right to remove any files you selected. This is your one opportunity to remove a file so be sure and scroll up and down and verify you have the correct files selected and remove any you don’t want uploaded.

Start Upload: 
Once you’ve verified you have the correct files, click on the ‘Start Upload’ button.

You’ll see the status bar update as it uploads each file:

Viewing Files: You can now see the files that are uploaded to the folder you selected by clicking on the expand button.

You can scroll up and continue to use the ‘Upload Plans’ or ‘Upload documents’ buttons to upload more files. If you want to return and finish your upload later, please see the instructions below on how to sign off your task as ‘Save for Later’ so it will save everything you’ve done up to this point. 

Signing off your Task

Save for Later: Selecting this button will not send your application to the City, but it will be saved so you can continue to work on the plans and documents and upload when you are ready.

Upload Complete – Submit to the City of Vancouver: Selecting this button will complete your task and, once finalized, you will no longer be able to upload files. If you are done simply check the box indicating that you have uploaded all the required plans and documents and select the ‘Upload Complete – Submit to the City of Vancouver’ button.

A message comes up confirming we’ve received your upload.

Task View

If you selected the ‘Save for Later’ button, you should still see the ‘Applicant Upload’ task in ePlans. It will automatically save everything you’ve done so you can continue to access the task and upload plans or documents until you are finished by clicking on ‘Upload Complete  – Submit to the City of Vancouver”.

Example 1: Save for Later

If you selected ‘Upload Complete – Submit to the City of Vancouver’. The Applicant Upload task will disappear and the system will say there are zero tasks available since your application has been sent to the City of Vancouver to review.

Example 2: Upload Complete – Submit to the City of Vancouver

After you submitted your application, an email notification will automatically be sent to you when your submittal has been accepted for review or if there are any corrections required.

If you have any questions, please contact us so we can help.