Hearing Examiner

The role of the hearing examiner is to interpret, review and implement land use, or other regulations and policies, by providing an efficient and effective system which integrates the public hearing and decision-making process for land use and other regulatory and enforcement matters.

The hearing examiner administers major land use decisions and appeals which include Conditional Use Permits, Shorelines, and Subdivisions.

The hearing examiner is a contractual employee hired to impartially preside over land use and other appeal hearings. Appointed by city council, city residency is not required; there is a six-month initial term then one-year terms thereafter.

Post-Hearing Testimony will be accepted in the following manner:

Anyone wishing to provide written post-hearing testimony for the project on last night’s docket may email their comments to: Clarissa.bowen@cityofvancouver.us .

Here is the post-hearing timeline for PRJ-164354/LUP-83365 Harmony Subdivision

• The record is held open through 9/21/2023 for public comment from members of the public who tried to join the virtual hearing but were unable to join/make comment for technology or access reasons. (To be clear, no one who already testified is invited to submit additional comment – this is only for people who tried but were unable to provide comment during the meeting.)

• If there is no post hearing public comment, the record closes on 9/21/2023 and the 10 day decision deadline is 10/5/2023.

• If there is public comment, the Applicant and Staff have two business days to respond, so their responses are due 9/25/2023, the record closes 9/25/2023, and the 10 day decision deadline is 10/9/2023.


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