Requesting Accommodations

The City of Vancouver is committed to ensuring all members of the public with disabilities are treated equally and have equal access to all programs, services, and activities. Read more about accessibility and inclusion at the City of Vancouver.

Reasonable accommodations and services are provided upon request to people with disabilities so they can fully participate and equally enjoy all of what the City has to offer. In order to request an accommodation for a City meeting, event, program, or activity, or to request alternative formats of printed materials, please send the information below to the City sponsor (department or individual) for the meeting/event that is currently inaccessible to you:

If you do not know who the meeting/event sponsor is, please send the information above to the City’s ADA Coordinator, Jen Dugger Spalding, as soon as possible.

Jen Dugger Spalding
ADA Coordinator
Address: 415 W 6th Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone: 360-726-7122

The ADA Coordinator will forward your request for accommodations on to the meeting/event sponsor who will respond to your request as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of the request, it can take time to determine reasonability and/or coordinate the provision of the accommodation. Therefore, the process can take as long as 15 calendar days.

All communications regarding requests for accommodations and alternate formats will be kept on file for at least three years.

If at any time, you feel your request for accommodations has not been satisfactorily resolved, you may file a complaint. Please visit this link for more information on how to file an ADA complaint.