City seeks applicants for Transportation and Mobility Commission

July 24, 2023

The City of Vancouver is seeking volunteers to serve on its Transportation and Mobility Commission. Applications must be submitted on or before August 31.

The volunteer Transportation and Mobility Commission is an 11-member commission that provides advice to Vancouver City Council, the City manager and City staff on a variety of transportation and mobility-related projects, programs and policies. It also provides ongoing feedback and guidance on development of Citywide transportation policy through the update of the City’s Transportation System Plan.

All commission members must live within Vancouver city limits, except up to two members who can live outside the city but within the Vancouver Urban Growth Area. The City is specifically seeking people who represent the following groups:

  • Person age 16-19
  • Person age 65 or older
  • Person who uses public transit as their primary means of transportation
  • Person who bicycles as their primary mode of transportation

Qualified applicants will be interviewed by City councilmembers. Applicants who are not appointed through this process may be considered for future Transportation and Mobility Commission vacancies for up to one year from the date of their application submission.

This recruitment is for full-term appointments. All positions, with the exception of the person age 16-19, are for terms ending December 2026. The youth appointment is for a one-year term, expiring December 2024. Per Vancouver City Council policy, all incumbents who wish to reapply for their positions will be re-interviewed along with any qualifying applicants.

Commissioners include community members with a range of interests and lived and professional experiences, and includes members with different primary modes of transportation, e.g., bike, bus or car. The Transportation and Mobility Commission meets at 4 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month and meetings are currently held as a hybrid of in-person and remote participation. To apply online, visit Printed applications, including in other languages and formats, can be requested by contacting the Boards and Commissions Coordinator in the City Manager’s Office


Tim Becker, Strategic Communications Manager, 360-831-3240;