Litter Stewards

Picking up litter in public spaces helps keep the Vancouver community safe and clean for all to enjoy. There has been a strong response from the community to help with litter removal throughout Vancouver and we look forward to training and equipping more community members to help us with this complex need. 

Other litter removal organizations:

Self-Led Litter Steward

If you plan to pick up litter around your neighborhood, in a park or public space on a frequent basis and you need supplies or disposal support this is the litter project for you.  All volunteers must make an ongoing commitment, complete the volunteer application, attend an orientation, and follow all safety protocols and have preapproved locations for removal.  

Hotspot Expeditions and Meet-Ups

These are planned events for trained and equipped Litter Steward volunteers.  Litter Stewards will meet at various identified litter “hotspots” and cleanup as a team. Check the City’s Volunteer Calendar for upcoming events.

Litter Removal Tips