Cemetery Records Search

Relatives, genealogists and other researches can use this free search tool to determine location of the deceased’s interment site in the three cemeteries owned and operated by the City of Vancouver. Please enter at least the surname, or last name, of the individual. To narrow your search, also include the first name or given name of the decedent. You may search a specific cemetery or all cemeteries.

All information in this database has been obtained from historical cemetery documents, and input has been aided with the help of volunteers. Some search results may contain less information than others. Original documents reflect the information submitted at time of lot purchase or interment. Such information may be incomplete or contain misspellings, and the City of Vancouver makes no claims as to their accuracy.

Interment information will be updated as records are reviewed and automated. Please allow at least one month from time of a recent interment for records to appear in this database.

Additional resources

The following are a few of the additional online resources available.