Water, Sewer and Surface Water Capital Improvement Program

Water, sewer and surface water (stormwater and drainage) are vital to our community’s quality of life and economic vitality. The Water, Sewer and Surface Water Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) looks closely at the Utility’s capital infrastructure needs.

The CIP represents the City’s ongoing progress toward ensuring a sound, financially sustainable Utility that will serve as a legacy for many generations to come. An equally important concern is how we operate and maintain what we have.

Vancouver’s utilities provide critical core services to our community in support of public health and safety. The City’s Water, Sewer, and Surface Water Capital Improvement Program (CIP), has been developed consistent with a number of key principles and policies including:

The overall objective is to provide quality services in a sound, financially stable and sustainable
manner that will serve the needs of many future generations.

The City’s current and several past CIP documents can be found below. View a searchable combined Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Utility Capital Improvement Project (CIP) GIS Map here.