SE First Street Improvement Project

The Southeast First Street corridor improvement project extends from 162nd Avenue to 192nd Avenue. Project work is being done in two phases.

This project will provide a complete urban street system with sidewalks, bike facilities, stormwater bio-retention, streetlights and sound walls where required. The project enhances safety, increases capacity, improves the road surface and increases connectivity for homeowners, employees and businesses along the corridor.

​Using traffic volumes now and projected 20 years into the future, the design showcases a three-lane street, with one lane in each direction and a center turn lane. Near the intersection of 164th Avenue, the design allowed for a widened street with a right-turn lane and dual left-turn lanes. Southeast First Street at 192nd Avenue is currently six lanes and will remain that way under the current design.

First Phase, 164th Avenue to 177th Avenue: Completed in 2023

Construction is finished on the first phase of a long-awaited project to upgrade and provide urban standards for SE First Street, originally a rural two-lane, farm-to-market roadway.

Second phase, 177th Avenue to 192nd Avenue: Construction starts May 20, 2024

Work on this corridor segment will update SE First Street to an urban street system. Upgrades include pavement widening, sidewalks, curbs, bike facilities, streetlights, stormwater drainage, and street resurfacing, striping and signage.

East and westbound traffic on SE 1st Street will be closed throughout the entire project. Access to English Estate Winery and the commercial complex on the south corner of SE 1st Street and SE 192nd Avenue will be open. Construction will happen in four stages, with project completion anticipated in Spring 2025.

Project Funding

Design and environmental work for this project has received $1.6 million funding in federal grants and about $700,000 in matching City funds. Award of the federal grants was through the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC), under the federal Surface Transportation Program. In addition, RTC awarded the project another $1.9 million to assist with construction. In December 2018, an additional $3 million grant was also awarded to the project by the state Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) to help fund construction of the western segment of the project, between Southeast 164th and 177th avenues.

The City was awarded a $2 million Urban Arterial Program grant by the state Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) to help fund construction of Southeast 1st Street improvements of the eastern segment of the 1st Street Improvement Project.

Vancouver’s six-year Transportation Improvement Program anticipates utilizing some Street Funding Strategy revenues as leverage or match to and secure additional grants for construction.

Project Background

The Southeast 1st Street Improvement Project was identified and listed in the City’s annual Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) since the area was annexed to Vancouver. It continues as part of the City’s most recent TIP, adopted by the Vancouver City Council. It also has been identified as a priority improvement in the Section 30 Subarea Plan (2009).

First Phase Background

Construction started in early January 2022 and was completed in 2023. Construction of this first segment was realized with funding from federal grants awarded through the RTC, an earlier state TIB grant, and matching local funds provided by the City’s Street Funding Strategy revenues.

Second Phase Background

This eastern phase of the project has been under design as part of overall development agreements of adjacent private property. State and federal funding are being allocated for this project, including a TIB grant. The $2 million TIB grant will support construction of this segment, which is anticipated to begin in 2024. Federal funding requires all right-of-way acquisition strictly comply with laws/regulations that provide for uniform and equitable treatment for persons whose property is acquired for public use.