Vancouver Police investigate robbery, five suspects arrested

April 8, 2024

On March 31, at about 9:53 p.m., Vancouver Police responded to the report of a physical disturbance at the Vine Turtle Place bus stop at 7th/Washington Street. Upon police arrival, all involved had fled and no victims were located. Approximately 20 minutes later, a male called 9-1-1 requesting an ambulance at the intersection of Broadway/E 12th Street for an unknown cause of bleeding. Upon police arrival, it appeared the male had stab wound in the abdomen. The male was not forthcoming with information on how he was injured. He was transported to an area hospital for serious but not life-threatening injuries. Upon arrival at the hospital, it was found that the wound was not a stab wound, but rather a close contact entry/exit gunshot wound. 

Due to the proximity to the previously reported physical disturbance to where the victim of the gunshot wound was located, surveillance video was obtained showing the assault of the victim by five males. All five boarded a C-Tran bus with the victim’s property. 

The bus was located with all five suspects onboard and officers conducted a high-risk stop. All five were taken into custody without incident. A handgun, suspected controlled substances, the victim’s stolen shoes and additional evidence items were in possession of the suspects. 

The investigation revealed that the during the assault, a handgun was produced resulting in the gunshot wound to the victim. 

Five individuals were arrested and booked into the Clark County Jail for Robbery I:

  • Jowakim J. Fonuk 
  • Arnod Mensior 
  • Raminus Peter 
  • Akino Sarapin 
  • Dearson Suzuki 

The investigation by the Vancouver Police Department Crime Reduction Unit is continuing.