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Welcome to Your New Website 

September 6, 2023

On Wednesday, Sept. 6, we launched a new City website.  

“The domain may be the same but the site’s features and overall experience are completely different,” said Communications Director Laura Shepard. “User experience and data drove every decision in the development of the new site.” 

This new website was developed by putting the user experience first. Using analytics and data, we learned that when users visit our site, they are primarily visiting to pay a bill or fee, apply for a job, get a permit or complete some other service-oriented activity. In response, the website now provides faster and more intuitive access to tasks and information searched for by site users. The new site continues to feature information about City services, projects and initiatives, boards and commissions, City volunteer opportunities and more. Some of the new features include: 

  • An accessibility menu that enables users select how they want to consume the content. Features include adjustable font sizes, color contrast options, dyslexia-friendly text adjustments and other features to create an inclusive online experience for users. 
  • Google translation in 103 languages.
  • A new Open Data Hub to keep you informed about the work of your local government so you can hold us accountable for the results.
  • A dedicated Public Meetings Calendar to help you stay informed about decision-making processes and opportunities to participate.  
  • Enhanced tools, including a Parks and Trails Finder searchable by different park features, like accessibility, restrooms and recreation types.  

The launch of the new website represents a significant milestone in the City’s commitment to community empowerment, inclusion and transformative solutions. Although the redesign was done with our community’s needs top of mind, we know it might take some getting used to. If you have issues with the site, please use our feedback form to tell us about it.  

Your feedback is invaluable as we work to continuously improve and refine our website to better serve you.