Temporary Changes: The Engineering Services Counter at the Permit Center will be temporarily closed on Wednesdays starting June 29. The once-per-week closure will continue until this fall.

This temporary change will affect any residential and commercial developers needing engineering services, such as buying a water meter, getting a right-of-way permit or discussing their project with an engineering technician.

Engineering technicians will continue to be available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, as usual. Non-engineering services will continue to be available on Wednesdays.

If you have questions, or need additional information please contact Community & Economic Development Engineering at citycddeng@cityofvancouver.us or (360) 487-7804.

Reduced wait times: Engineering Services requires 24 hour notice to process and prepare more than one (1) water meter, sewer connection and/or right of way permit. Apply online

The resources found here are intended to aid in the success of our customers in their submission for civil engineering design and review process, utility locations and connections, construction in the public right of way, legal documents and recordings, and reimbursement contracts.


Water and Sewer Connections

CED Engineering services can assist with water and sewer locations, issue connections, and provide fee quotes.

Submit a Request for Utility Services to find out where utilities are located in your area and receive a fee quote with all associated connection costs.   
Request for Utility Services
Right of Way -  Street Tree Application
Water/Sewer Charges

Civil Review Processes and Timelines

The City of Vancouver provides two review process for Civil plan review.
Standard Process Review Timeline
Streamline Process Review Timeline
Re-approval Requirements

Approval Blocks

The approval blocks provided are for use on civil design projects within the City limit, and its utility Service Areas.
Please choose the appropriate approval block depending on the type of plan submittal, (paper or electronic.)

Paper Plan Submittals:
Approval Block within City limits
Approval Block outside City/inside service area
Grading Approval Block

Electronic (ePlans) Submittals:
Approval Block within City limits
Approval Block outside City/inside service area
Grading Approval Block

Recording Documents

City of Vancouver approved recording documents.

General Requirements, Standards & Details for Utility and Street Systems

Requirements for Water, Sanitary Sewer, Stormwater and Transportation