Anti-Displacement Strategy

In addition to welcoming many new residents, the City is currently working on multiple large planning, redevelopment and economic development initiatives focused on central Vancouver neighborhoods and commercial corridors. Collectively, these plans could result in well over $100 million in public investments in transportation and open space facilities that could impact property values and rents significantly.

Central Vancouver is home to Clark County’s most racially and ethnically diverse populations, including some of the highest percentages of Hispanic/ Latino, Asian, Eastern European and foreign-born residents in the city. Residents in these neighborhoods are disproportionately low-income and renters, making them particularly vulnerable to economic displacement.

In order to ensure equitable development in central Vancouver, the City proactively developed a policy strategy to address potential risks of displacement for current residents.

As part of this process, the project team engaged residents, property owners, developers, advocates, and field area experts to determine best practices and make recommendations on strategies for proactively stabilizing neighborhoods and creating a welcoming and safe environment for all its residents.

Project Aims

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