Public Works Projects

Blandford Basins Stormwater Project

Updated Jan. 2023

The City of Vancouver was awarded a $3 million Washington Department of Ecology Water Quality grant to improve rain water (stormwater) runoff in the area known as the Blandford Basins, which lies within a wellhead protection area and the Columbia River watershed.

Currently, stormwater runoff from parcels and streets in this overall area flows untreated to the canyon along Blandford Drive and into the Columbia River. This project will use underground stormwater treatment devices and one rain garden at South Cliff Park in both the South Cliff and Dubois Park neighborhood to help treat runoff. 

Water Quality Design Elements

This water quality improvement project has shifted to the use of filter cartridge catch basins that are underground treatment devices. They house rechargeable, media-filled cartridges that trap particulates and adsorb pollutants from stormwater runoff. The catch basins are generally maintained once a year which includes vacuuming out sediment and replacing the filter cartridge by City Operations crews.

A rain garden, or bioretention cell, will be installed at South Cliff Park. Rain gardens manage rain water runoff by allowing it to soak into the ground where special soil and vegetation can help filter out pollutants. This infiltration improves the quality of the water which eventually flows to rivers and streams or seeps into groundwater. Attractive streetscape planters can be designed to accommodate the diverse traffic needs of cars, pedestrians and bicycles.

When completed, these new underground treatment devices and the one neighborhood rain garden will capture stormwater runoff that currently flows untreated to the Blandford Drive stormwater drainage system. 

Anticipated Project Timelines

Neighborhood Meeting

The Dubois Park Neighborhood Association hosted a meeting on July 28, 2022. City Public Works staff and consultants attended to give a brief overview of the project and answer related questions. Both Dubois Park and Southcliff residents were invited. A recording of this Blandford Basins Stormwater Project presentation is available for you to view here.

For more information or to request other formats, please contact Mike Swanson, Surface Water Engineering, at