Transportation Development Review Drafting Standards Manual

Standards and details are currently under review and will be updated. In the meantime, please contact or call 360-487-7715 with questions.

The City of Vancouver has prepared these Drafting Standard for city review of Development Review projects within public right-of-way and private streets only. The intent of the standards is to present the developer’s engineer with comprehensive guidelines when preparing plans. The uniformity of the plans will help the city in their review process thereby accelerating the review time. This will ultimately help the developer’s engineer with the time constraints for the project and should result in fewer review.

Do Not Alter Drafting Standards. The original drafting standards are on file.

The manual, support files and block libraries are not intended to cover every possible situation encountered in the production of AutoCAD drawings. Many applications will require some interpretation and innovation by the drafters and engineers. If you do not use AutoCAD for your design application and can not import .DWG files, we will work with you to get the correct symbolism for the blocks.

Traffic Signal Plans

Capital or Private Development Traffic Signal Plan Drafting Standards — Download the layouts of the Traffic Signal Plans.

Prior to starting a signal design, you should contact Cody Cumpton to make certain there hasn’t been any changes. Contact or call 360-487-7715 for the latest signal plan layouts and block library.

Drafting Standards

PDF Files

Zipped AutoCAD Sample Drawings

Support files for both ACAD 2000 and Newer (zipped files)

We use RomanS and Arial fonts.

Block Libraries (ACAD 2000 and Newer, zipped files)