Fire Code Operational Permits

The International Fire Code section 105 mandates operational permits for certain fire code regulated activities.

There are three situations where a person or organization must complete a fire code operational permit application

  • You were directed to complete an application that was created during your fire and life safety inspection
  • You were directed to complete an application related to a new construction project or a special event
  • You wish to apply for a fire code permit not related to a fire and life safety inspection such as temporary membrane structures or open flame fire performance

In all cases you will need to register, or log back in if already registered, with our Citizen Access Portal.

Where you are submitting a new application not related to fire inspection you need to provide detailed information including plans for emergency response, exiting, lighting, cooking, power source and more. If you are not sure about what is required please contact our office via email at or by phone at (360) 487-7260.