Vancouver’s Transportation Network 

Bike and vehicles on Columbia using new street safety elements

An interconnected street system for all users

A healthy street network is essential to how everyone moves around Vancouver.

We continually explore ways to enhance our community’s transportation system. Our goal is to maintain, improve and build essential infrastructure to support a growing, thriving community. There are several strategies used to plan for future infrastructure improvements in Vancouver, and we follow several guiding plans and documents.  

Transportation Improvement Program

We prepare an updated Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) each year to serve as a detailed work program for all future street-related projects. Projects listed in the TIP include planning studies, major street improvements, multimodal enhancements and traffic signal upgrades. These improvements provide safety and accessibility for all modes of travel. The TIP is our guiding technical document for transportation improvements over a six-year period. 

Vancouver Transportation Benefit District  

The Vancouver City Council approved the establishment of a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) in 2015 to provide additional funds needed to maintain and improve our existing street system. Through our Street Funding Strategy document, we report back to the community each year regarding revenues, expenses and projects.   

Street Funding Strategy 

Our annual Street Funding Strategy (SFS) report includes the past year’s revenues and accomplishments from Vancouver’s Transportation Benefit District and a look forward to the future year’s work plan. We’re working to improve pavement conditions, support neighborhood traffic calming and increase mobility, accessibility and safety for all users of our streets.

Transportation System Plan 

As our city grows and diversifies, this can put increased pressure and new demands on our street system. Our long-range Transportation Planning team has embarked on extensive planning and robust community engagement to develop a Transportation System Plan (TSP). This plan prioritizes how we invest in a safe, reliable and comfortable transportation system over the next 20 years. 

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