Police Policies

The Vancouver Police Department’s Policy Manual is designed to guide employees of our Department in carrying out their assigned responsibilities. These statements of values, policy and standards shall be considered mandates for all members of the Vancouver Police Department.

It is our collective commitment as a police department to do our jobs in the most professional, ethical, and legal manner while serving the public’s interest. This manual is critically important to our overall success.

The content reflects our official position on a range of issues relevant to our purpose and operation. To have and maintain an up-to-date manual is essential to our mission. It is crucial for each member of this Department to read, understand, and accept these policies. Moreover, each employee shares the responsibility to adhere to the provisions of this manual and seek to improve its contents and applicability where necessary. It is important that we work together to keep this manual as a “working” document and an essential resource to be reviewed and referred to on a regular basis.

Jeff Mori
Chief of Police

Review individual chapters from the policy below.

Last updated March 27, 2024

Chapter 9 – Custody

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