Volunteer Programs

Volunteers are vital to the success of our community. Ongoing or one time opportunities with the City of Vancouver can accommodate individuals, families, groups, businesses and people of all ages and abilities.

Hewlett Packard Volunteers at FCC

Check out the Volunteer Calendar for upcoming events.

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Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Join us for regularly scheduled work parties throughout the City.

City of Vancouver Volunteer Websites

Each department utilizes volunteers in different capacities. Check out which one is right for you.  


Local Opportunities in our Community

Various local non-profit organizations greatly need community support. Check out a list of organizations that offer other volunteer opportunities.

SMART volunteers

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Each week the City receives many volunteer applications. Currently we are not able to accept general volunteer applications but do encourage community members to look into specific volunteer program applications or volunteer events for opportunities to get involved. Thank you for your understanding.  

Cemetery clean up

Need more information?

Not quite sure which opportunity fits you best? Please complete the volunteer inquiry form and we will send you a detailed email with current volunteer opportunities that match your interests and skills. Volunteers may be asked to complete a full volunteer application once they have been accepted into a volunteer program.

Neighbors On Watch Bike Team

Current Volunteers

Visit the Volunteer Information Center (VIC) to sign up for volunteer opportunities and log service hours.

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Volunteer Success Stories!

In 2016, volunteers throughout the City spent over 58,200 hours to help foster a healthy and vibrant community. The service of an estimated 5,100 volunteers was equivalent to a donation of $1,372,800.

The community of Vancouver is stronger, smarter, cleaner and safer due to the hard work of engaged and involved volunteers. Read the entire 2016 Volunteer Report.

Adopt-A-Park Volunteers

Our Volunteer Beliefs

Our community is strengthened by individuals who act on their commitment to help others,

Volunteering improves citizens’ accessibility to government,

Service is an effective strategy for solving problems,

Opportunities for all, young to elderly, fosters a sense of community where everyone is valued and welcomed,

Volunteers strengthen our community, increase government effectiveness and create benefits for citizens, including being more informed, engaged, and feeling valued and appreciated.