About/Contact Public Works

Vancouver Public Works provides services to you 24/7.

We keep your drinking water clean and flowing, and our community's groundwater aquifers protected. We make sure public sewer lines and wastewater treatment facilities are available, reliable and environmentally effective. We construct new streets soundly, resurface existing good streets so they stay good, and patch potholes where necessary. We keep the signals flashing, the lanes striped, the streetlights shining and streets swept clean.

We grow our community's environmental stewardship by helping neighborhoods plant trees and oversee contracts to ensure garbage and recycling are collected regularly at cost-effective rates. We work to restore the Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway that flows through our city, enhancing natural flood plains, promoting water quality and controlling erosion. Whether outdoors or indoors, we make it fun for residents of all ages to get involved and learn how to use natural resources wisely.

Vancouver's Public Works Director is Brian Carlson, 360-487-7130, brian.carlson@cityofvancouver.us

Vancouver Public Works serves our community through four divisions:

Media and Public Outreach: Loretta Callahan, Public Information Officer/Community Relations, 360-487-8255, loretta.callahan@cityofvancouver.us; and Brooke Porter, Outreach Coordinator, 360-487-7116, brooke.porter@cityofvancouver.us