Office of Neighborhoods

Aerial photo of the Fishers Creek neighborhood

The Office of Neighborhoods provides City residents, City Council and staff with responsive, coordinated services that promote and support collaboration and communication among residents and City government through recognized neighborhood associations.

Neighborhood Associations in Vancouver have been officially recognized since 1975. Since then, the Office of Neighborhoods has been growing and changing along with the community. Over the years, the city has increased opportunities for citizen involvement and built strong partnerships between city hall and the community through special programs and benefits for recognized neighborhood associations. In 1990 there were 14 recognized neighborhood associations; today there are 66 officially recognized associations.


The Office of Neighborhoods will:

  • Engage citizens in civic democracy and responsibility through officially recognized neighborhood associations in partnership with other community programs, in order to strengthen the City and build an active and involved community.< /p>
  • Link neighborhood skills, ideas, and energy with City government through responsive, coordinated services and activities which promote communication, leadership and problem-solving skills among neighbors.
  • Promote a sense of community and a safe, secure environment in which to live.

As a recognized neighborhood, you can benefit from the following programs and resources:

  • A Neighborhood Liaison appointed by the City Manager (see link below for more information)
  • A Neighborhood Police Officer
  • Communications from the City - Weekly Updates and more
  • Neighborhood Action Planning
  • Technical assistance/problem solving
  • Notices of development pre-application
  • Reduced land use/permit appeal filing fees
  • Neighborhood newsletter printing
  • Neighborhood clean-up programs
  • Support for neighborhood activities (i.e. picnics & other special events)
  • Quarterly Leadership Meetings with the City Manager
  • Neighborhood Leadership Training & Resources