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Adopt-A-Park In Your Neighborhood
Office of Neighborhoods Weekly Update

An electronic newsletter with important information for neighborhood leaders and timely articles that can be included in your next neighborhood newsletter.

Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Associations in Vancouver have been officially recognized since 1975. The city has increased opportunities for citizen involvement over the years and built strong partnerships between city hall and the community through relationships with recognized neighborhood associations. Vancouver has 66 officially recognized associations, and over 90% of the city's population are members of a neighborhood association. Scroll over the map and click the link for more information about your neighborhood association.

Neighborhood Association Meetings

Most neighborhood associations have regular meetings of the membership, in order to discuss neighborhood concerns; plan projects and social activities; and learn more about services and volunteer opportunities in our community. Meeting agendas are set by the Neighborhood Association officers. Most neighborhood associations communicate meeting details via neighborhood newsletters. Check the individual neighborhood association pages for newsletters with information about meeting dates, times, and locations.

Neighborhood Association Officers
Neighborhood Action Plans

The Neighborhood Action Plan process was started in 1994 to identify assets and issues of concern in each Vancouver neighborhood and to devise strategies for addressing those concerns. Issues include traffic and pedestrian safety, public safety, transportation, recreation and open space, land use and housing.

Neighborhood Toolbox

Information and resources for neighborhood association leaders and residents. Find:

Neighborhood Guide for Traffic Calming

This guide provides suggestions and opportunities that are available to address traffic concerns in your neighborhood. It provides resources and tips, as well as a Community Engagement Toolbox on the back side for improving neighborhood livability.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program/Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance

The City of Vancouver, working in conjunction with the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Alliance (NTSA), offers a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program with tips and possible project opportunities for residents seeking to slow local traffic while creating a more livable community.

Yard Signs Request Form


Speed Trailer Request Form

To request that the City's speed trailer be placed in your neighborhood, please fill out the Speed Trailer Request Form. To learn more about the Radar Speed Trailer program visit



Office of Neighborhoods

The Office of Neighborhoods provides City residents, City Council and staff with responsive, coordinated services that promote and support collaboration and communication among residents and City government through recognized neighborhood associations.